About Us

Cleanlab is focused on data-centric AI (DCAI), providing algorithms/interfaces to help companies (across all industries) improve the quality of their datasets and diagnose/fix various issues in them. We develop next-generation DCAI algorithms that we release publicly as open-source software ( as well as enterprise SaaS products with interfaces for data scientists/engineers to effectively improve their data quality and produce more reliable ML models. While many companies can help store/manage data or develop ML models, there exist few solutions today to improve the quality of existing data, which is the core asset of the modern enterprise.

Curtis Northcutt

Curtis Northcutt | CEO

MIT | PhD in CS

MIT thesis award. Invented confident learning, the foundation of Cleanlab. Prev: Google, Meta, Oculus, Amazon, Microsoft, NASA. Co-founder.

Jonas Mueller

Jonas Mueller | Chief Scientist

MIT | PhD in CS

4 years leading deep learning research and open-source AutoML at Amazon Web Services. 20+ publications at top ML venues. Co-founder.

Anish Athalye

Anish Athalye | CTO

MIT | PhD in CS

30,000+ stars across GitHub projects. ICML best paper winner. Co-founder.

Ulyana Tkachenko

Ulyana Tkachenko | ML Engineer


Deepmind Fellowship recipient. Led CV, NLP and RL research projects at UCSD and Deepmind.

Caleb Chiam

Caleb Chiam | Full Stack & ML Engineer

Stanford | MS in CS & AI

2nd place in Alexa Prize competition. Authored NLP package ConvoKit.

Hui Wen Goh

Hui Wen Goh | ML Engineer

NYU | BS in Math with CS Minor

Graduated summa cum laude. Valedictorian. Experience in NLP research and applications at NYU.

Aayush Chhabra

Aayush Chhabra | Software Engineer

University of Washington | BS in CS

Experience leading products at early stage startups. Prev: Gordian Software (YC W19), Citadel Investment Group.

Autumn Rice

Autumn Rice | Chief of Staff

Morehead State University | BS in Neuroscience

4+ years experience in administration and customer relations for the University of Kentucky.

Luke Mainwaring

Luke Mainwaring | Software Engineer

University of Pennsylvania | BA in CS and Neuroscience

3+ years in ML ops. Founding engineer of J.P. Morgan’s AI platform.

Ryan Singman

Ryan Singman | Software Engineer

Virginia Tech | BS in Machine Learning

Experience in ML research and infrastructure. Previous MLops experience at startups.

Elías Snorrason

Elías Snorrason | ML Engineer

University of Iceland | MS in Physics

Background in scientific computing and NLP. Prior MLE-experience at startups. 8x National Karate Champion.

Chris Mauck

Chris Mauck | Data Scientist

MIT | BS & MEng in CS

Experience in ML, data analytics, and customer experience. MIT Football Team Captain and 2x Championship Winner.

Aditya Thyagarajan

Aditya Thyagarajan | ML Engineer

CU Boulder | MS in CS

5+ years in machine learning research and product at startups. Expertise in NLP, audio, and image processing.

Yiming Chen

Yiming Chen | ML Intern

MIT Junior | BS in CS and Math

Interested in ML and theoretical computer science research.

Vedang Lad

Vedang Lad | ML Intern

MIT Senior | BS in Physics and EECS

Experience in theoretical physics, astrophysics, and computer vision.

Mayank Kumar

Mayank Kumar | ML Intern

University of Washington | MS in ECE

Experience in ML and computer vision. 4 years of product experience in automotive engineering.

Yoeal Efrem

Yoeal Efrem | Technical Advisor

MIT | BS in CS

4+ years experience designing developing and maintaining large scale systems.

Isaac Chuang

Isaac Chuang | Technical Advisor

MIT Professor of Physics. MIT Professor of EECS.

Invented the first quantum computer.

Sanjay Sarma

Sanjay Sarma | Board Advisor

Vice President of MIT | Open Learning

MIT Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Invented RFID.

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