See how Cleanlab tools can be used by companies from all industries. 
Data and Tech Consulting
Improve your client’s data and build/deploy robust models. Find errors in client’s data, inform them to which data needs review, deploy ML models, and efficiently annotate client data.
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Detect errors in documents and their metadata, improve annotations from paralegals, and obtain more accurate document intelligence via our data-centric AI technology.
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Financial Services and Insurance
Use AI from Cleanlab to ensure high-quality data and models are used in key processes like fraud detection, customer interaction, or risk assessment. Ensure reliable analytics so you can make good financial decisions.
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E-Commerce and Retail
Ensure accurate information in your website, customer reviews, and internal data. Deploy more reliable ML models trained using more accurate information.
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Manufacturing and Agriculture
Better results in quality control applications with noisy data (e.g. image recognition and other computer vision tasks). Seamlessly handle mislabeled data, outliers/anomalies, ambiguous instances.
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Detect annotation errors in data, outliers (e.g. anomalous patients/records), ambiguous cases, and bad decisions (e.g. misdiagnoses/prescriptions). Ensure reliable predictions so you can ensure excellent patient care.
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Data Entry, Management, and Curation
Use AI software to ensure your data are free of errors and other issues (outliers, near duplicates, low-quality examples). Automatically detect which values are incorrect in data entries and associated metadata.
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Foundation and Large Language Models
Fix data issues to better evaluate, fine-tune, or train foundation models for supervised learning and generative AI. Train and deploy foundation models on real-world data with a few clicks.
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Business Intelligence and Analytics
Draw more accurate conclusions from data free of errors and other problems. Automatically detect incorrect values and other issues lurking in your dataset and associated metadata.
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Data Annotation and Crowdsourcing
Leverage Cleanlab’s software to help you annotate your data efficiently and reliably. Accurately assess the quality of different annotators and data providers.
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Customer Service
Fix common issues in customer data, and deploy robust ML models to better understand customers and handle their requests. Ensure reliable insights so you can provide great customer service.
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Content Moderation
Find labeling errors, decide when another review is appropriate, discover good/bad moderators, and deploy robust ML models with 1-click. Ensure reliable predictions so you can provide safe user experiences.
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Solutions tailored to your needs
Cleanlab tools are general purpose and have been used to improve datasets in other industries also including: Marketing, Logistics and Supply Chain, Life Sciences, Media and Entertainment, Telecom, Utilities, and Government. Other past applications of Cleanlab have included: Information Extraction/Verification, Document Analysis, Imaging Data, Sensor Data, and Survey Data.
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