How Cleanlab can help
Cleanlab Studio automatically improves data and deploys robust models.

Cleanlab Studio helps you quickly fix the detected issues to get a better version of your dataset. Use the auto-corrected dataset produced by Cleanlab in place of your original dataset to get more reliable ML and analytics, without any change in your existing code!

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In this tabular dataset of student grades, Cleanlab Studio automatically detected label errors, ambiguous examples, and outliers. These issues harm downstream models and analytics.

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How Cleanlab can help your consulting team

Auto-detect Issues

Automatically detect issues in a client’s data such as incorrect values, anomalies, bad metadata, etc. Consider if using software to audit data for mistakes is helpful for compliance.

Efficient Annotation

Efficiently annotate data for a client, or help them set up an effective data labeling pipeline.

Built with AI

Issue detection is based on state-of-the-art AI algorithms invented by Cleanlab scientists.

Train and Produce Reliable Models

Easily train robust ML models on messy real-world datasets and deploy them in one click. Cleanlab uses Data-Centric AI to produce reliable models. Learn more about these techniques via the free MIT course taught by the Cleanlab founders.

Quickly Resolve Errors

Fix detected data issues quickly via the Cleanlab Studio interface, or inform client which data require careful review.

Resources and Tutorials

Videos on using Cleanlab Studio to find and fix incorrect labels for: text data, tabular data, and image data.


Berkeley Research Group is a global consulting firm that helps leading organizations advance in three key areas: disputes and investigations, corporate finance, and performance improvement and advisory.

After over a month of using Cleanlab to improve ML and AI models, Berkeley Research Group reported Cleanlab had increased model accuracy by 15%, improved explainability, and addressed performance impediments. The team was able to cut out training iterations by one-third, and saw an overall performance improvement for our Data Science team.

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improvement in ML model accuracy


reduction in time spent on data/ML work

“We’ve started relying on Cleanlab to improve our ML and AI models at Berkeley Research Group LLC… I have to say, I’m impressed.”

Steven Gawthorpe

Associate Director of Data Science at Berkeley Research Group