Careers at Cleanlab

Working at Cleanlab is awesome! Here are some of our values. Our engineers get to help publish research papers and blogs, contribute to open-source, and invent future technologies in the rapidly growing field of data-centric AI. Beyond the opportunity to work at an early stage AI tech company with an incredible, friendly founding team of MIT graduates, all full-time employees receive the following:

🗺   Bi-monthly travel stipend. Travel enhances our empathy with different cultures and enables us to work together more effectively (especially as remote employees). It’s how we grow and learn: traveling is an essential part of what makes us human.

🎓   Stipend for attending conferences to keep up with the latest innovations in ML and software. We’re lifelong learners at Cleanlab.

🏖   Unlimited PTO + Unlimited sick days + 10 company-wide holidays. Take time to recharge!

🌇   Hybrid work (our office is in San Francisco).

❤️   Premium health insurance. Take care of your well-being!

🏠   Parental Leave. Take time with your new family members!

💰   Competitive salary (+ equity offering for certain roles).

“How can we trust models we deploy into the world if we can’t trust the data we use to train them? If we can’t trust the data, we can’t trust the models. I joined Cleanlab to make it easier for people to trust machine learning models.” - Caleb Chiam, ML Engineer

“The main reason I joined Cleanlab is the team and the culture. We have a great team of researchers and builders with a track record of solving hard problems, and it’s a really fun group of people to work with.” - Anish Athalye, CTO

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