Frontend Engineer

At Cleanlab you’ll get to

Develop next-generation web applications for data-centric AI. Our tools enable data scientists/engineers (across all industries) to effectively diagnose/fix issues in their datasets thus improving the quality of their business’s core asset.

Get paid a Silicon Valley engineer salary but have the ability to work remotely with flexible hours.

Work on interesting challenges (novel interfaces for data visualization/interpretation and editing raw data directly) using modern tech stack at a dynamic startup operating in one of the fastest growing subfields of data science & AI.

What we’re looking for

As a Cleanlab software engineer, you will be responsible for building Cleanlab Pro, a user-friendly web app powered by our data-centric ML algorithms. You’ll work on scalable backend code for data ingestion, model training, and data analysis, and you’ll design beautiful and easy-to-use interfaces for data visualization, interpretation, and correction of various issues found in datasets.

We encourage applications from software engineers who have an eye for elegant UI/UX and data visualization, and are interested in furthering their skills in building MLOps applications.


  • Work closely with UX designers, project managers, and back-end engineers to implement versatile front-end solutions to web development issues.
  • Explore product concepts to find promising directions that address both human and business needs.
  • Advise, collaborate with, and synthesize feedback from UX designers and researchers.
  • Deliver innovative, engaging prototypes using the latest in front-end technologies, particularly in the areas of data visualization/manipulation and web app UI.
  • Collaborate with other engineers to build large-scale systems and help establish a strong engineering culture across the company.


We select candidates based on strengths, not on weaknesses. Experience with the following is highly recommended, but not required:

  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • React.js/Next.js
  • HTML
  • CSS + some CSS Framework (Chakra UI, Tailwind, Bootstrap)
  • Bonus:
    • Module bundlers, e.g. Webpack
    • Visualization libraries, e.g. D3.js
    • React testing libraries, e.g. Jest
    • Desktop app frameworks, e.g. Electron


Working at Cleanlab is awesome! Beyond the opportunity to work at a well-funded (backed by Bain Capital Ventures) early stage AI tech company with an incredible, friendly founding team of MIT, Stanford, and Harvard graduates, all full-time employees receive the following:

  • $9,000 per year travel benefit
    • Travel enhances our empathy with different cultures and enables us to work together more effectively. It’s how we grow and learn: traveling is an essential part of what makes us human. At Cleanlab, every two months you will receive a $1500 reimbursable travel benefit (resets on Jan 1, March 1, May 1, July 1, Sep 1, Nov 1). This is a unique benefit that lets you work from Paris for a week in February, then take a backpacking trip in the Andes for a weekend in March. Cleanlab will cover the flight for your partner or friend, too, as long as you attend and its within the $1500 / two-month period. For remote employees, you can use this benefit to come work with us in Boston/SF from time to time (encouraged, but not required).
  • Premium health insurance
    • We provide a fantastic $4 (we cover the rest) health insurance option. We also provide a $0 deductible 100% coverage premium health care option for those who prefer the best health insurance.
  • Stipend for attending conferences to keep up with the latest innovations in ML and software.
  • Competitive salary (+ equity offering for certain roles), with regular opportunities for a raise if things are going well.

About Us

Cleanlab is focused on data-centric AI (DCAI), providing algorithms/interfaces to help companies (across all industries) improve the quality of their datasets and diagnose/fix various issues in them. We develop next-generation DCAI algorithms that are publicly contributed via open-source (, as well as SaaS enterprise products with interfaces for data scientists/engineers to effectively improve their data quality and produce more reliable ML models.

Founded by 3 ML PhDs from MIT and engineers/scientists from Stanford & Harvard, Cleanlab is a well-funded early-stage startup that is rapidly growing to transform the future of DCAI. Some of Cleanlab’s early work (while the company was still in stealth-mode) has been featured in various media such as: Wired, MIT Technology Review, and VentureBeat.

While many companies can help store/manage data or develop ML models, there exist few solutions today to improve the quality of existing data, which is the core asset of the modern enterprise. This is where you come in. At Cleanlab, you’ll be able to take ownership of critical projects that pioneer the future of data-centric AI.

Read about the Cleanlab team here.

We are a remote-first company, with roughly half of our team located near Boston, MA (EST time) and the other half located near San Francisco, CA (PST time).

How to Apply